Tri-Cities RACES

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Tri-Cities RACES

Serving Dana Point, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano

Amateur Radio Emergency Services in support of the South Orange County Tri-Cities Area.

  • Electronic mail
  • Digital voice communications
  • File, still image and video sharing
  • Document retention, control, sharing, and creation
  • Chat
  • Desktop Sharing and video conferencing
  • Near real-time video capture
  • File transfer
  • Remote computer login
  • Winlink 2000 client support
Public Documents ICS-213, ICS-214 and more
TCR Mesh Phonebook TCR Phonebook (Not yet implemented)
NextCloud GroupWare File and image sharing, chat, list serve, bulletin board services and more
Citadel Email Server Email and Email aliases (A more user-friendly Rainloop email client is available in NextCloud)
MESHChat Chat Capabilties inside and outside of Orange County
VoIP Voice communications: km6slfpbx.local.mesh(
TCR FTP Passive FTP using TCR supplied credentials.
TeamTalk 5 Video and desktop sharing communications:
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contact Catherine, the membership coordinator.